Anger as Conservatives back dumping sewage in local rivers

The Liberal Democrats are leading the fight to protect our waterways here in Hitchin and Harpenden from pollution. But Conservative MPs - including our local MP - blocked plans to stop water companies from dumping in local rivers.


Hitchin and Harpenden Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate Sam Collins said: “Rivers should be safe for swimming, fishing and sustaining wildlife. Yet sadly, many are a dumping ground for water companies - and are contaminated with raw sewage and and other waste.”

In Parliament, Lib Dem MPs have been pressing for more action to protect local waterways - and ban water companies from dumping raw sewage. These proposals were voted down by the Conservatives. Sam Collins added: “It is outrageous that Conservative MPs have betrayed our local community and environment in this way. Their job should be to stand up for our local area. Our rivers are being polluted on a daily basis by water companies, showing a complete disregard for our environment.”

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