Harpenden East

Your Harpenden East candidates for the May 2022 district council elections are Pip Liver, Paul de Kort and Dason Canning.

Pip Liver and her family have lived in Harpenden since 2006. She has worked as a volunteer with Citizens Advice since 2014.  As a town councillor, Pip has focussed on improving facilities for the people of Harpenden. She is seeking election as a district councillor as she wants to improve the provision of social and affordable housing so that younger people who have grown up in Harpenden can afford to settle in the town. She also supports lower speed limits and providing safer conditions for cyclists.


Dason Canning has lived in Harpenden for more than ten years. He  volunteers locally to protect the green belt, environmental resources and to prevent fly-tipping and is acutely aware of the many issues facing the local community. Dason studied economics and then Town Planning, and draws on his extensive experience of working around the world to offer sustainable and innovative ideas for the town‘s future development. He is committed to preserving Harpenden‘s unique character as one of the best places to live.


Paul de Kort has lived in Harpenden for 28 years, raised his children here, and was a long-standing Head of Sixth Form at a local state school. He is also a county councillor for the area. His primary goal is to work for an effective integrated local plan that includes education, the local economy and sustainable transport.  He works to ensure that the council speaks for - and listens to - all of the diverse interests that make up the town of Harpenden.

T: 01582 768642
E: [email protected]