Harpenden South

Your Harpenden South candidates for the May 2022 district council elections are Maddie Liver, Mel Priggen and Zoe Galvin

Maddie Liver has lived in Harpenden South since she was seven years old and attended school in St Albans. Like many young people, Maddie moved back home at the beginning of the pandemic before finishing her undergraduate degree from Durham in the summer and going onto complete an MSc at UCL. A volunteer for Sustainable St Albans, she is excited by the potential for local councils to get involved in tackling the climate and ecological crises and would advocate tirelessly for this cause. 

Mel Priggen has lived in Harpenden since 2009. She is married with four children and is currently a Harpenden town councillor where she works actively to address concerns of local residents. Mel is passionate about local environmental issues and is particularly keen on making cycling more accessible and safer for everyone in the town.

Zoe Galvin has lived in Harpenden since 2002. She is medically qualified and works in Welwyn Garden City, and is excited about using her skills to represent the residents of Harpenden South. Having raised her family in the town, Zoe shares the issues and concerns of residents, including parking, preservation of the Green Belt and ensuring Harpenden remains a fantastic and affordable place to live.