Hitchin and Harpenden’s Tory MP must tell Liz Truss to resign and call for a General Election

Following the Chancellor’s reversal of the mini-budget, Sam Collins Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Hitchin & Harpenden has demanded our local Conservative MP “do their patriotic duty” by calling on Liz Truss to resign. 

The Liberal Democrats are calling for a general election which is currently being blocked by Conservative MPs. 

Sam Collins, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Hitchin & Harpenden, said: 

“I was out on the doorsteps over the weekend listening to the views of local people, and it is incredibly clear that people have utterly had enough of this shambles. Liz Truss must resign before any more damage is done. People’s mortgage bills have already spiralled by hundreds of pounds because of this Government's botched budget. Bim Afolami and all of the other Tory MPs in Hertfordshire must now do the right thing. They must do their patriotic duty by telling Liz Truss to go. 

“For the good of the country Liz Truss must resign. Britain needs a General Election now but sadly Conservative MPs are blocking that from happening.

“Nobody in our area voted for massive cuts to our local NHS and schools. This has all happened because the Conservatives chose to give unfunded tax cuts for the wealthiest and they need to pay billions more in debt repayments after losing the confidence of the markets. 

“Of course it is absolutely no secret that I badly want a General Election as everyone knows that in Hitchin & Harpenden it will be a clear choice between four more years of an out of touch Conservative party, or a hardworking local Liberal Democrat MP. I want to show local people what I can do as their representative in Westminster, a local MP who actually cares about their views and does not take them for granted.”


Liberal Democrat Leader Ed Davey said: 

“So much damage has already been done by these Conservatives and they will force millions of struggling families and pensioners to pay for it. It is not just Liz Truss or Kwasi Kwarteng. The whole Conservative Party is out of touch and does not care. That is why we need a General Election, to take them out of power and end this crisis.”

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