Sam Collins says Kwarteng’s mini budget puts “bankers’ handouts first and support for families last”

Responding to today’s mini-budget announced by Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng in Parliament, Sam Collins Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate for Hitchin & Harpenden said: “The Conservatives have yet again shown just how out of touch they are with people in Hertfordshire. This is not a plan, but a recipe for disaster that will leave local people suffering from soaring prices while banks and oil and gas companies rake in huge profits.

The government is putting handouts for bankers first and support for families and pensioners last. It is completely the wrong way round.

“As people's bills are soaring and our high streets are being pushed to the brink, the new Chancellor has shown he must be living on another planet.

“With the worst inflation in decades, rising interest rates, and an economy heading into a deep recession, the Conservative claim to be the party of business now seems like something from a bygone era. Though we all heard what the previous Conservative Prime Minister’s approach to business was and it looks like the Truss-Kwarteng Government is taking the same approach.

This economic vandalism will not be forgiven by voters in Hitchin & Harpenden.

“It’s no wonder so many lifelong Conservative voters are coming to me and telling me that they are now backing the Liberal Democrats around here. They just want a fair deal from this government, but time and time again they are being ignored and taken for granted.”

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